Tuesday, November 2, 2010

open for discussion

This football season has been CRAZY! In fact, it still is.:)

I'm leaving this post open for discussion; who's the worst team in the SEC?, will Cam Newton win the Heisman?, gmac vs mccarron, will Florida *EVER* get back to the way it was?, is the SEC cursed with homeliness (is the even how you spell it?)?;), who will win the Iron Bowl?, is Les Miles the funniest thing that ever happened to the SEC?

YOU decide.:)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

and if you don't know what I mean, you don't need to know! It begins, this Saturday. Hope we have a GREAT season! Looking forward to watching John Brantley. say a prayer for him will ya?


and best wishes to all the SEC.:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I must ask this one, are you obsessed with LoTR? Sure! Well, I'm not obsessed to the extreme like a lot of people ARE.;)


Elves vs. Humans? Elves beat everybody!:)

Elves vs. Hobbits? ^^

Elves vs. Dwarves? ^^

Elves vs. Ents? ^^^^^

Humans vs. Hobbits? I guess Humans, because of Faramir & Aragorn.:)

Humans vs. Dwarves? Humans...

Humans vs. Ents? Humans. Ents.....:/

Hobbits vs. Dwarves? Hobbits!!:)

Hobbits vs. Ents? Hobbits......I suppose...

Ents vs. Dwarves? Can't decide!

Arwen vs. Éowyn? Arwen, because she has a more 'calm personality'. This isn't to say that I hate Eowyn.

Aragorn vs. Legolas? Legolas. He's the coolest guy in the trilogy.:)

Arwen vs. Aragorn? Hmm......Arwen.....

Frodo vs. Sam? I guess Sam. But I can't decide.

Merry vs. Pippin? Pippin!!

Elrond vs. Galadriel? Elrond, for reasons a lot of people woudn't care to hear.;)

Faramir vs. Boromir? Faramir. Boromir has never been a favorite of mine.:/

Éowyn vs. Éomer? Totally Eomer!

Sauron vs. Saruman? Who cares?

Rivendell vs. Lothlorien? Rivendell.

Gondor vs. Rohan? Tough choice, but Gondor.:/ Rohan just isn't as cool.

Mordor vs. Isengard? .....Mordor.

I tag,

All my followers.

Thursday, July 30, 2009



(well, you can forgive by COMMENTING!)



Saturday, July 11, 2009

I found another tag!

What do you enjoy most? Talking, Reading, Writing, Blogging.

What are some lessons you have taken? Archery, Piano, Harp, Flute, Violin, Sewing.

Your favorite authors? J.R.R. Tolkien is my all time favorite.

What do you like to sing in the shower? Oh, I hate singing in the shower.

Have you ever broken any bones? Never

What languages do you want to learn? British.:)

What Jane Austen movie is your favorite? Sense & Sensibility

What are your favorite books of the Bible? Oh, I don't know. Just about anything in the New Testament

Your favorite singers? Susan Boyle, Josh Groban, Liv Tyler, Enya.

Your favorite types of music?Hymns, Celtic.

Your favorite animals? Dogs, Cats, Horses.

Your favorite things about nature? Flowers, and the fragrance after the rain.

If you were suddenly dropped into a movie, which movie would you like to be in? Lord of the Rings.:)

Where would you land in Middle-earth? Rivendell

If you could go back to any time period, where would you go? Middle-earth. I consider it History.;)

What are your favorite writing projects you have done/are doing? I have not wrote anything in forever. I suppose I need to start writing again:/

Your favorite fictional characters? Estella, Arwen, Legolas, and you do NOT want to hear my entire list!

What phrases do you say/write most often? I don't keep track.....sorry.:(

Your favorite piece of jewelry? My pearls

Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Post & a tag:)

I just started blogging, so if there is anyone who is looking at this, you'll have to bear with me.


Do you play a sport, if so, what? Hmm....well I play football with my brothers.;)

What's your favorite TV show? Little House on the Prairie

How long have you been on blogger? Since TODAY!:)

How many pets do you have? Two. One dog. One Cat.

What was the most comments you've gotten on a post? ZERO! But we'll see.

Would you rather.........................

Be a princess or a pop star? DUH! PRINCESS!!Why on earth would I have any desire whatsoever to be a pop star?

Get a bunch or little birthday presents or one big one? I suppose one big one.

Stay up late every night or go to bed on time every night? Stay up late.:) Its so fun to just talk all night with my sister.

Have zero pets or 100? ZERO. Having 100 pets would just be DISGUSTING!


Animal? Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits(always wanted one), Horses.

Movie? Enchanted, Narnia, LotR, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice.(many more)

Book? The Bible. If its fiction than, LotR.

Dessert? Chocolate Cake!

Thing to do on a hot day? Sit with my mom on the porch, and have a nice glass of Lemonade.

Summer beverage? Lemonade

Football team? FLORIDA!

Baseball team? I pretty much hate Baseball.:/

Basketball team? Umm, Florida I guess.(I'm not a big fan of Basketball either)


Lord of the Rings or Twilight? Lord of the Rings! I'm a not allowed to watch Twilight.

Horses or cats? Horses are prettier, but I'd rather have a cat, so cats.

Books or movies? For the most part, books, But there some movie in this world that are very dear to my heart:)

Hobbits or Elves? Hobbits! Elves of course.;)

This one is silly, but horses or orcs? Your right it is silly. How could I choose Orcs?(oh, I don't know who made this tag, but we 'ringers' always capt. Orcs;).

~More Stuff~

What color is your room? PINK!

Do you have any posters/paintings in your room? Oh, sure. I have a big poster of Orlando Bloom right on my door. *silence* Okay, that was a joke for people who don't know me!:( I do NOT have a poster of HIM. But I DO have a poster of Legolas.:)

When is your birthday? August

How many people from your school are into horses? I don't go to school.(homeschooled just so you know)

Do people think you are strange because you love lord of the rings? Sure!

How many tags have you gotten? The title says it all.

*sigh* I've probably scared you all off by now! But if your reading this, please comment. Even if its just to tell me how weird I am.:)