Thursday, September 10, 2009

I must ask this one, are you obsessed with LoTR? Sure! Well, I'm not obsessed to the extreme like a lot of people ARE.;)


Elves vs. Humans? Elves beat everybody!:)

Elves vs. Hobbits? ^^

Elves vs. Dwarves? ^^

Elves vs. Ents? ^^^^^

Humans vs. Hobbits? I guess Humans, because of Faramir & Aragorn.:)

Humans vs. Dwarves? Humans...

Humans vs. Ents? Humans. Ents.....:/

Hobbits vs. Dwarves? Hobbits!!:)

Hobbits vs. Ents? Hobbits......I suppose...

Ents vs. Dwarves? Can't decide!

Arwen vs. Éowyn? Arwen, because she has a more 'calm personality'. This isn't to say that I hate Eowyn.

Aragorn vs. Legolas? Legolas. He's the coolest guy in the trilogy.:)

Arwen vs. Aragorn? Hmm......Arwen.....

Frodo vs. Sam? I guess Sam. But I can't decide.

Merry vs. Pippin? Pippin!!

Elrond vs. Galadriel? Elrond, for reasons a lot of people woudn't care to hear.;)

Faramir vs. Boromir? Faramir. Boromir has never been a favorite of mine.:/

Éowyn vs. Éomer? Totally Eomer!

Sauron vs. Saruman? Who cares?

Rivendell vs. Lothlorien? Rivendell.

Gondor vs. Rohan? Tough choice, but Gondor.:/ Rohan just isn't as cool.

Mordor vs. Isengard? .....Mordor.

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