Tuesday, November 2, 2010

open for discussion

This football season has been CRAZY! In fact, it still is.:)

I'm leaving this post open for discussion; who's the worst team in the SEC?, will Cam Newton win the Heisman?, gmac vs mccarron, will Florida *EVER* get back to the way it was?, is the SEC cursed with homeliness (is the even how you spell it?)?;), who will win the Iron Bowl?, is Les Miles the funniest thing that ever happened to the SEC?

YOU decide.:)


natalie joy said...

also, another great thing to discuss: WHO HAS THE WORST FANS?

Estelwen said...

bwhahahaha! Actually, as far as "homeliness" goes, I think the SEC is doing better than last year. Despite the fact that we lost possibly the best in the country, LOL!

I think that I can safely say that LSU has the worst fans ever. Tennessee's pretty close though.:) Me hates "the Pride of Southland" more than anything.

Alissa said...

#1-I hate to say it, but I fear I must! Tennessee.X(

#2-Probably. But I hope NOT!!!

#3-Don't make me choose!!!;) But then again, if we're talking about looks it's kinda obvious...;)

#4-No it won't. It will *never* be the same without Tebow.:)

#5-Uh...yeah, I think that's how you spell it. Hmmm...I guess the SEC isn't doing to bad on that issue. I mean, there are several I can think of that certainly aren't *ahem* homely.;) Though of course your team went through a pretty dramatic transition.;)

#6-Oh please, please, PLEASE, may it be Bama!:)

#7-Hahahaha! Probably. He's a joke. One sports journalist called him a "walking punch line.":) But my sister will have none of this talk, since he acknowledged her at SEC Media days.XD

#8-LSU *does* have the worst fans. Their obnoxious at BASEBALL games! I can't even imagine what they must be like at a football game! And then it would be *cough* Tennessee.

natalie joy said...

@Mari, seriously? BETTER? Do give some examples!!

Alissa said...

Well, Georgia went through a definite improvement.:P

Melinda said...

^^^BWHAHAHAHAHHA!! That just MADE MY DAY! Or night, whatever you prefer!:)

Keykeeper said...

Here's something else to discuss: Who will be the next Alabama QB?:)

And who is going to A-day?:D